Monday, February 25, 2013

Unjustifiable Want #2: Ni No Kuni PS3: Magical Edition

For reasons relating to an unexpected backlog, I've yet to play surprise bestseller (in the West, at least) Ni No Kuni; the PS3 RPG by Level 5, with an art direction from the universally loved Studio Ghibli. This will be rectified in the near-future.What won't, however, is my gluttonous desire to own the commemorative PS3 console released to celebrate Ni No Kuni's launch in Japan.

                          Photo provided by Ninjamaster............I added, redundantly. 

It's more than a little pretty, isn't it? Sadly, it's a no-go. Beyond its Japanese exclusivity, and the rarity that entails, I've got a perfectly functional launch-PS3 that I've worryingly anthropomorphized to a point nearing kinship, and consequently won't part with. Well, unless fate conspires against us, of course.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (PSN): Why do you treat me so badly when I only want to love you?

Too much?

This one drags from the get-go. The cut scenes are maddeningly waffle-centric. but they can be skipped. However, what can't be skipped is the fetch-quests. Unlike Sonic Adventure 1, where the less interesting characters/playstyles were entirely optional; SA2 has them as mandatory. This leaves you having to guide the likes of Knuckles and Rouge to fragments of the Master Emerald. You're equipped with a radar to enlighten you when they're in the immediate vicinity, but otherwise, you're on your own. Now, fetch-quests are tiresome at the best of times, but Sega in their wisdom decided to make them randomized each turn. This meaning, no walkthrough can alleviate the tedium of having to trawl through an entire stage 'til your radar starts to bleep, as they'll be elsewhere each time you attempt the stage. The stages get bigger as the game goes on, and on one occasion there's a time limit. Keeping in mind that the average fetch-stage can take any amount of the time the game sees fit; this'll get especially gripesome.

                                        Knuckles fetch-questing for reasons to keep playing this game.

The game has 30 stages, divided among six characters. Sonic/Shadow have typical, Adventure-decent Sonic gameplay, the aforementioned Knuckles/Rouge are the fetchers, and bizarrely, Tails/Eggman traverse mech-combat stages. The latter of which are actually fun, mostly, but almost simple to the point of redundany. Though, this still leaves you in the odd situation of playing a Sonic game, yet the majority of the game is based on playstyles not reflecting the one of the hedgehog whose name is on the cover (or download list, in this case).

                                                                 Knuckles stopping Rouge from making this a better game. 

I'll finish it, I always do with these things, but I don't get the impression I'll be feeling richer for the experience afterwards.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator

Fresh from the mind of Ryan Evans, comes a joke that explains itself.

Available here, hosted by the creator.