Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wii-U Stop Tempting Me: Rayman Legends.

I got Rayman Origins (PS3) as an Xmas gift last year. I went in with relatively low expectations, figuring it little more than a cutesy retro-vival cash-in on the resurgent 2D platformer. A good game, but nothing too demanding. What I got, however, was a precise, brilliant marriage of old and new-school gaming, with its shunning of needless design elements such as lives and continues, but never once compromising on the difficulty, merely letting you restart from where you'd messed up, and it was mostly likely that you messed up, considering the near-flawlessness of the game's presentation and design.

I loved it so much, it joined Donkey Kong Country Returns as one of the few games I've 100%-ed over the last year, and felt like some sort of d-pad deity when I finally did so, navigating the diabolical after-life that was The Land of the Livid Dead. And then, the sinking sensation set in, that it was, in fact, truly over. Understandably, I wanted more. I mean, who wouldn't? So, you can imagine how elated I was to hear its sequel was well on its way, and would be due around early 2013. It looked like the perfect follow-up. In fact, seemingly one of the few instances where more-of-the-same isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just needed more of its lush gameplay and awesome difficulty-curves. Granted, when it was debuted and previewed at E3 this year, it was touted was a Wii-U exclusive, but surely that was just for the sake of a tech-demo, right? Something this gorgeous can't be kept all for one system, can it?

Yep, still a Wii-U exclusive.

Nope, definitely a Wii-U exclusive.


                                               'Bollocks!', said I. 

As if the carrot of Tank! Tank! Tank! getting a home-port for the Wii-U wasn't enough to irk me. Now, my resolute 'No!, waiting a year 'til its library has filled out a bit' has turned to altogether more dangerous 'hmm, well......'. This may not end well. The only thing sorrier than an unjustifiable want is a barely-justified acquisition. Or, well, that's what I'm telling myself, as I rock back and forth, awaiting news of it going multi-platform. I'm sure it just may yet, but that's of limited comfort, considering it'd mostly likely be a good few months off the game's original release, if not longer. Yeah, I think I'm a marketing department's dream. 

Mind you,  Rayman Origins sold short of Ubisoft's hopes, despite availability across multiple platforms. However critically-acclaimed and brilliant Origins was, you'd have to question the wisdom of following it up with a platform-exclusive, which could only serve to negate a lot of the goodwill built-in from Origins, and do the franchise no favours in the long-run. Which is exactly what it doesn't need, I feel. This series really needs to contintue. I dunno, perhaps Ubisoft know something about the Wii-U we're just not privvy to yet. Too optimistic? 

Edit, Feb 7th 2013: Huzzah! It's going multiplatform. Unfortunately, as a result, its release has been pushed back to September. 


  1. I'm curious about this one, too, Jyr, and I haven't even played Rayman Origins. I guess I just like how it looks (in action, especially). Also, I've heard pretty amazing things about Origins, so why not?

    I'm barely hanging on to my plan to wait six months to a year to pick up a Wii U, too, by the way. Every time I read an article about Miiverse, or Nintendo Land or NSMBU I think to myself, "No! I need one NOW!!!"

    Thankfully, I'm broke at the moment, so I can't go out and buy one. Early next year, though? THAT will be a telling time, I think.

    Anyway, I look forward to us communicating with each other -- and hopefully playing games with each other -- after we get our respective Wii Us (whenever that may be).

  2. I've edited the above to reflect its new status as a multiplatform. I'd suggest we run out an celebrate, but I've burned through my wallet with the PSN January sale.

    Sadly, this was just as I'd widdled my backlog down to near zero. Have you gotten a PS3 yet? If so, I'll see you there next Autumn.