Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tank! Tank! Tank! Thank Wii-U! (Maybe...)

Seemingly lost amid the furor of the impending Wii-U launch is the fact that Namco's spiritual successor to 1995's much-lauded Tokyo Wars, Tank! Tank! Tank! is making the leap from arcade-novelty to console-gaming this Winter, courtesy of Nintendo's latest hardware. Released in 2009, it popped up in my nearest proper arcade sometime in the last couple of years, and I've treated it with due love since, due to its big, chunky cab and the brilliantly chaotic four-player action, that asks nothing more of you than to control your tank and blow your nearest-and-dearest to smithereens, or, if you're not that way inclined, team up and face waves of mechanical bugs and beasties.

Granted, not the deepest of premises, but for balls-out mad fun, it cannot be faulted. Hell, it's even a good one in single-player, but admittedly, much of its appeal belongs in its multi-player. This is where I start to worry slightly about its port to Wii-U, and the lack of an online multi-player announcement so far. I mean, I know how much more fun it is to steamroll through your mates locally, if you can pardon the expression, but if it's a game that's to get any serious play among the masses, I don't see local-only being feasible in the long-term. It's very much a game best enjoyed in short-bursts and in company, but having to wait 'til you've got three other mates lined up for session is liable to drain whatever appeal it may have. I'm usually the last to cry 'online! online!', but in an age where it's needlessly tacked on to AAA games that gain nothing from it, I can't see the harm in sticking one on here too, for a potential sleeper of a hit.

Regardless, it's a brilliant title, even without life-extending online, and Wii-U version looks to be a faithful port. So, if you've never been privvy to playing Tank! Tank! Tank! in its native grounds, have a fitting and willing social circle, and are investing in the Wii-U come November's end, I imagine it'll be worth a few laughs.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is released on November 30th.


  1. Nice to hear you're interested in this one, too, Jyr! I don't have any experience with the arcade original, sadly, but I've still got the Wii U version on my 'wish list' -- for whenever I eventually buy a Wii U. I have to say that I also hope Namco adds an online mode before release (or afterwards via a patch?), as I can't imagine a ton of people shelling out $50 for this if it only allows for local multi, and that would be a crying shame, wouldn't it?

  2. As much as I adore looking at that arcade set-up in my local place, it'd be a shame if the world didn't get a crack at it too. Mind, even if it does get an online mode, I'd still pop back to the arcade rig occasionally, as though it's a shrine of some sort. I mean, wouldn't you? It's bloody lovely to look at, and that's all before you even tackle the equally awesome game it's housing.