Friday, November 16, 2012

An Unjustifiable Want: Mother 3 GBA Micro

Even with the quickest perusal of my site, you'll have probably noticed I'm a bit of a Mother/Earthbound nut. I can contently spend hours trawling the likes of Earthbound Central and for the most minor of news and details, or just wallowing in the fact someone else is still talking about the series regularly.
Indeed, you can imagine the shriek I let when I discovered this gorgeous bit of hardware designed to commemorate the 2006 release of the much-anticipated Mother 3.

Sadly, much like the game it commemorates, it was Japan-only. It wasn't produced in the highest quantities either, so it demands a steep investment whenever it does rear its beautiful head on auction sites (around €400 , at last check). Pair that with that fact that I've already have my GBA needs well covered with the SP, and this gorgeous bit of hardware gets tipped right into unjustifiable investment territory. Bollocks! Oh well, someday, I hope. Until then, I shall content myself staring at the below picture, clocking reasons why it might be perfectly valid investment in a future,  where fanboyism overrules sense.  

Pictures shamelessly pilfered from Giantbomb and Yazsi. 


  1. Oh, yeah :( What a beautiful little system. Too bad it goes for so much on eBay, etc. Granted, I nearly dropped $400 on the limited edition Animal Crossing 3DS LL system that was just released in Japan, so why not contemplate dropping a similar amount on this beauty? Although that said, I think I actually prefer the Japanese Pikachu GBA SP, which is all sorts of crazy when you consider that I'm really not much of a Pokemon fan...

  2. It's a beauty alright, though the Pikachu SP is slightly more justifiable than the Mother 3 one, since it mostly stays around 200-ish(GBP). There's also those Pokemon 3DSs on the way too, which have me itching to go from no 3DS to 2 at once. I know I read like I'm trying to convince myself to buy something. Which is probably the case, being frank.

    Damn college needing money, getting in the way of my novelty consoles.

  3. Ah, I didn't realize the Pikachu SPs were more reasonably priced than the Mother 3 GB Micro. That certainly helps its case, doesn't it? As for the Pokemon 3DSes: I like them -- the Charmander one, especially -- but not as much as either the Pikachu SP or the Mother GB Micro. I may prefer the Animal Crossing 3DS LL to all of them, TBH. What do you think of that one, Jyr?