Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every Day The Same Dream (Browser)

"a short existential game about alienation and refusal of labor." according to creator, Paolo Pedercini. Yes, I'm getting to it.

If you're in anyways of a mentally fragile disposition, this isn't your game. If you, however, fancy guiding our nameless, faceless avatar through the crushing mundanities of modern life, such as loveless marriages, loss of identity and traffic jams, cosy on up, or adopt a funeral stance, or whatever way you cope with bereavement, this may be worth a trot. It's a bleak one alright, dotted with bits of hope, and rather heavy doses of tragedy. It's quite short too, docking in at around 30 minutes-ish, depending on how much you want to linger about in the setting. I do like this game, by the way, if that impression is lost amid a sea of seemingly self-solicited discontentment.

On a sidenote, the jangly, swelling score is going to soundtrack a lot of vaguely miserable moments in your life. I figured I'd put that out there.

Every Day The Same Dream is free-to-play here, hosted by the creator.