Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mother (GBA/NES/FC)

I'm dying to find out who's responsible for this minor masterpiece. Any ideas, World?

Chronologically, this is actually the first game in the trilogy, and the last one I played. It's not all that important (a fanboy just died in indignation) as they're generally unrelated, minus a few character crossover, cheeky winks with one another and the occasional moment being made all the more relevant with a greater series knowledge, but they inform each other in different ways regardless.

This series barely made it to the West, save for its second installment making it as far as the U.S under the name Earthbound (rather confusingly, this was also the tentative title for the original Mother, thus the NES original has gained the moniker Earthbound Zero in fan circles) in the States and generally not going on to do as well as the creators would've hoped. Thus, outside of Japan, the Mother games have been dependent on fan translations as the only way to enjoy'em away from their native tongue. Oddly, the original Mother was slated for a Western release, going as far as to get a full localization, but by the time it was ready, Nintendo felt its window of opportunity had closed as a result of it being a very late NES/Famicom title and their focus on the new SNES/Super Famicom, setting a dubious precedent for the series, as Mother 2 came quite late into the SNES' life, and Mother 3 made the GBA in 2006, just as the DS was truly picking up momentum.  The cartridge of Mother/Earthbound-Zero went unreleased, outside of high-priced auctions of the prototypes.